A Carbon-Free Next-Gen Air Traffic Management System for Autonomous Vehicles and Legacy Aircraft

Legacy aircraft will soon be sharing the sky with next-gen flying vehicles due to increased interest in new modes of airborne transportation for a variety of applications. Flying cars, air taxis, shipping and heavy transport drones, flying delivery vehicles and medical robots herald great potential and opportunity. However, as these new flying vehicles enter the airspace, it will become more crowded and increase the potential for physical harm and property damage caused by accident or nefarious use.

To answer the increase in airpsace traffic and congestion, it will be necessary to identify, authorize and control all air traffic, especially in airspaces where there will be variety of flying vehicles. The Artificially Intelligent Skyway (Patent-Pending) is able to control and restrict access to airspaces to protect people and property from all types potentially hazardous flying vehicles. Like our Patented UAV Defense System (Patent Number 11022407), the Patent-Pending Artificially Intelligent Skyway can be entirely solar-powered for zero carbon emissions to be compliant in support of H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

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  • AI platform and sensor network system to detect, authorize or de-authorize flying vehicles in airspaces
  • Enables registration and one-time or subscription access to airspaces, can incorporate use of a closed blockchain e-commerce module that accepts traditional currency or cryptocurrency
  • Assigns flight paths to authorized vehicles; restricts flight paths of unauthorized vehicles
  • Can be a stand-alone solution or integrated with the Patented UAV Defense System (Patent Number 11022407) and the Patent-Pending AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems

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