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Our Drive to Invent

Introducing the Future

a Few Ideas at a Time

We research and develop the most promising concepts from those that we envision, to bring the future into the present to solve problems and answer immediate needs.

Our Mission

Create to Improve Quality of Life, Safety, and the Environment

Peter and Shana Whitmarsh have been inventing new technologies, products, business models and processes together since 1999. In their time together, they have developed and sold technologies and companies specializing in process automation, online publishing systems, streaming video magazines, geotargeting technologies and online advertising systems. When the events of 9/11 occurred, they asked, “How can we make sure this never happens again?”

That particular quest for answers has evolved into Whitmarsh Research Group’s mission: to research and develop products, systems and technologies to benefit society. We are driven to improve quality of life and safety while contributing to a cleaner environment.


Areas of Interest

Artificially Intelligent Products and Technologies
Autonomous and Legacy Vehicle Traffic Management
Blockchain Technologies and Applications
Big Data Solutions
Carbon Free Power

Climate Control Technologies
Deep Learning and Machine Learning
Fintech and Next-Gen E-Commerce
Fire Prevention Solutions
Sports and Recreation Technologies

Solar Powered Technologies and Products
Technologies for Smart Cities
Technologies for Sports and Recreation
Water Reclamation

Our Team

Peter D. Whitmarsh

Peter Whitmarsh

Founder, Research Director

Peter is co-founder of WRG and co-inventor of The UAV Defense System (U.S. Patent Number 110220407) and other Patents-Pending. He is a deep tech inventor, a visionary, a futurist, and successful entrepreneur who has founded and sold several companies. Peter’s previous successes include creating lossless streaming algorithms for online video, developing an on-the-fly electronic publishing and advertising system for an online newspaper, creating the first live and on-demand streaming video for action sports and live events, the first sub-$1,000 laptop, and the Theory of Technoequalization(TM).

Shana Whitmarsh

Shana Whitmarsh

Co-Founder, Industrial Designer

Shana is co-founder of WRG and co-inventor of The UAV Defense System (U.S. Patent Number 110220407) and other Patents-Pending. She is a successful entrepreneur who has co-founded and sold companies with Peter Whitmarsh. Shana is an industrial designer and marketing expert with several years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, product design, e-commerce and visual branding, UX and UI design and development for online businesses, system logic, and behaviors. She simplifies new inventions and complex concepts to productize them as new technologies, products and services.

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