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The UAV Defense System, (U.S. Patent #11022407): An AI System for Identification, Command and Control of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

The Patented UAV Defense System (U.S. Patent number 110220407) uses an AI system and countermeasure process to identify, command and control autonomous aerial vehicles. It was created to answer the inability to easily identify and control aerial vehicles in restricted airspaces, such as airports, military bases and populated areas. Unidentified flying vehicles pose a life-threatening hazard to pilots, aircraft, civilians and property. The Patented UAV Defense System provides a solution for these problems.

We are at the dawn of a new era in air transportation. With next-gen aerial vehicles such as air taxis, drone shipping, flying medical robots and other innovations entering our airspaces, there is an urgent need for safer and more secure fly-zones with better traffic management beyond visual line of site.  As an added benefit, the system can be entirely solar-powered for zero carbon emissions to be compliant in support of H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

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  • AI platform and sensor network system for UAV identification, command and control
  • Includes transmission and processing of UAVs; can be integrated with legacy systems and ADSB
  • Countermeasures created on the fly to commandeer unauthorized UAVs
  • Can be a stand-alone solution or integrate with the Patent-Pending Artificially Intelligent Skyway and the Patent-PendingAI Blockchain Sensor

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