Digital Illustration - still image - image of numbers overlaid on an aerial view of a city at night- used for the AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems (Patent-Pending) project

A Carbon-Free High Capacity Air Traffic Management System For Automated and Legacy Vehicles

The Patent-Pending AI Blockchain Sensors and Sensor System combine machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics and predated protocols with a Blockchain platform with Secure Hash Algorithms and SHA256-bit Hash using a 4-bit string process created in private secure closed network nodes that produce random complex hexadecimal strings for authentication of movement of objects. These next-gen sensors can assign, control and manage hundreds of thousands of moving object hexadecimal IDs per second while monitoring their movement with the ability to control them or commandeer them to safety in emergency situations.

The Patent-Pending AI Blockchain Sensors and Sensor System were created to manage, direct and control moving objects in Smart Cities and other environments. Like our Patented UAV Defense System (Patent Number 11022407) and Patent-Pending Artificially Intelligent Skyway, our Patent-Pending AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems can be entirely solar-powered for zero carbon emissions to be compliant in support of H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

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  • Uses decentralized blockchain structure within an AI system to authenticate and process vehicles and create safe efficient destination pathways
  • Handle big data in hundreds of thousands of hash headers per second without latency
  • Creates unique ID marker hexadecimal strings that bind with each vehicle’s hash headers to enable travel within traffic spaces
  • Manages and directs autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles, legacy aircraft and cars traveling by land, air or water
  • Can be a stand-alone solution or integrate with the Patented UAV Defense System (Patent Number 11022407) and the Patent-Pending Artificially Intelligent Skyway

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