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Patented UAV Defense System

Identify, Manage, and Control Flying Vehicles and Their Airspaces

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Whitmarsh Research Group

We’re a research and development group specializing in the creation of systems, technologies and products that improve quality of life and contribute to improving the environment with solutions that eliminate or significantly reduce waste and carbon impact for ecosystems to flourish. We’re tenacious in our drive to bring the future into the present to benefit society and the planet.

Our current projects make it possible to identify and authorize autonomous flying vehicles enabling them to safely share airspace with legacy aircraft over populated areas and in restricted areas with AI blockchain sensors to increase capacity for processing, identification and access.  Some of our other projects include water reclamation, fire prevention, climate control, IOT apparel, and specialized solar panels.


Digital Illustration - still image - image of numbers overlaid on an aerial view of a city at night- used for the AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems (Patent-Pending) project

AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems (Patent Pending)

Artificially Intelligent Skyway (Patent-Pending)