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The Biggest Ideas Come From Quiet Thoughts

What keeps us up at night? The whisper of ideas interrupting a sound sleep, or while we’re working on other tasks. Often, they seem more outlandish than avant garde. Investors seem to think we’re early. The others, who stop just short of calling us crazy, pause and usually take another look.

We meet you here, on the edge of the future.

We’re applying the future right now, in the present.  Here is where you’ll find our projects, all of which began as quiet whispers, grew into research projects, and evolved into Patents and Patents-Pending. As we add more projects, you’ll encounter next-generation technologies, carbon-free solutions for smart cities and environmental preservation; supply chain improvements; recreational, wellness, and safety products.

The common thread in all of our projects is to improve safety, well-being and quality of life.

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Digital Illustration - still image - image of numbers overlaid on an aerial view of a city at night- used for the AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems (Patent-Pending) project

AI Blockchain Sensor and Sensor Systems (Patent Pending)

Artificially Intelligent Skyway (Patent-Pending)

Concept photo of drone flying in the sky with aircraft in the near distance at sunset

The UAV Defense System
U.S. Patent #11022407